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 +===Kakinuma Hideki===
 +Production Designer
 +//President of Darts. Mr. Kakinuma did the mechanical
 +design of the Mospaeda TV series , and the
 +Megazone 23 OVA while he was with Artmic. Later,
 +he created the original story, screenplay, storyboard,
 +and mecha designs of the Gallforce OVA. Currently,
 +he is in charge of organization and screenplays for
 +the TV series DT Eitoron.//
 +Bubblegum Crisis was planned as a title to follow the
 +OVA Megazone 23 and Gail Force that were
 +produced at the time by Artmic (however, we could
 +say the origin of BGC was Technopolice 21C , the SF
 +anime originally created by Suzuki—san,​). Based on
 +this history, Bubble is like Megazone + Gall Force.
 +Due to the major success of the movie Blade Runner
 +at that time, the situation is the near future with a
 +strong Blade Runner toughness, however, it still has
 +some brilliant concepts, such as the situation of
 +Tokyo being rebuilt from the damage of the second
 +Great Kanto Earthquake and the region which was
 +not rebuilt due to the fault which split Tokyo into
 +two areas.
 +At that time, Artmic was a company in charge of
 +animation production planning, however, they had
 +the capability to do original stories, screenplays,​
 +storyboards,​ mechanical design, character design
 +and even animation. So they were able to choose
 +what parts of the production they’d do themselves,
 +and what parts would be contracted out.
 +I personally liked concepts like the unfinished Tokyo
 +city hall (which was not built at that time in Tokyo)
 +becoming abandoned due to the decision to move
 +the capital to outside Tokyo. And then, as soon as it
 +gets demolished, the huge Genom tower is built.
 +However, original creator Suzuki-san, Aramaki-kun,​
 +who was mainly in charge of mechanical design,
 +and character designer Sono-yan of character
 +design had their own, slightly divergent,
 +They all have the same concept: a futuristic
 +“Sure Death!"​. It seems that Suzuki-san aimed at
 +something like a societal drama centered on the
 +evils of industry. I think that Aramaki-kun was aiming
 +for a stylish cyber-SF in tune with MTV, and
 +Sono-yan was aiming for hardcore SF. However,
 +more than anything else, the key reasons for it
 +being a hit are exclusively the title Bubblegum Crisis,
 +which foretold the later bursting of the bubble, and
 +Sono-yan’s kinky hardsuits that are reminiscent of
 +As an aside, Sono-yan bought a lot of pictorials of
 +ladies‘ underwear as research materials for his hard
 +suit designs! (laugh)
 +At the time there was no plan to make it into a series,
 +each fiim was going to be made one at a time. So
 +each film had to be much more serious and
 +self-contained than series episodes.
 +Since I was also doing the Gall Force series, I
 +gradually drifted away from BGC production.
 +Looking back at that time, it was the dawn of the
 +OVA era, and each of the OVAs had its own unique
 +character and power. Each episode was expected
 +to sell well, so we were happy to keep on working,
 +keeping in tune with the expectations of the fans.
 +Now, after 12 years, BGC is being re-released as a
 +TV series. I hope it becomes a title which both old
 +and new fans can enjoy.