Bubblegum Crisis 4 - Revenge Road

Original Japanese Synopsis

It is the year 2033 A.D. in the corrupt city of MegaTokyo. Tearing up the highways in the dead of night is a man weighed down with sadness, J.B. Gibson. For the sake of his beloved Naomi, Gibson relentlessly rides the Revenge Road. His steed is a 2021 HMJ “Griffon,” brought back to life by Gibson and Dr. Raven, a brilliant engineer. Now it nightly transforms the highways of Megalocity Tokyo into a circuit of slaughter as it mercilessly hunts down the Outrider biker gang.

Meanwhile, the Knight Sabers, taking a breather after their last big job, which ended in the GENOM incident and the death of Mason, pass a string of days in somewhat of a funk. Occasionally, they get together, but all they do is amuse themselves with the Survival Game, followed by Linna and Nene's supremely idiotic lectures on love and romance (Important note for Nene fans, who've been lamenting her few and far-between scenes: this dialogue has become an established custom at these meetings, and is therefore not to be missed).

To take her mind off her problems, Priss takes her bike out for a drive. A close encounter with the Griffon engages her in battle with Gibson. Alas, Priss's bike is not up to the challenge, and fails her in a most spectacular and painful manner. Now she has a score to settle with the driver of the Griffon, and she soon browbeats Nene into doing a little extracurricular hacking at AD Police H.Q.

Gibson makes more and more alterations to the Griffon, finally creating a thought-controlled machine with an instantaneous reaction time. Gibson and the Griffon have finally become one heart, one flesh. Note the various alteration scenes throughout the story, and the Griffon's changed form after each scene (by the way, the flashback scene in the first half depicts the Griffon in its normal, unaltered form). With each new modification, Gibson's hatred is transferred to the Griffon, until finally it awakens, taking Gibson and Naomi for one last terror-filled ride down the Revenge Road.

Now only the Knight Sabers can stop a tragedy. Priss stakes her pride as a biker on a high-speed race against time. For this outing only, she rides the “Highway Star,” Mackie's hand-built masterpiece. This speed-demon bike puts out over 700 horsepower, and, using nitrojets, has a top speed of over 360 km/h. For stability, its wheelbase is a whopping 2.4m. Will Priss be able to reach the Griffon and save its occupants before they run into the deadly trap AD Police has set?

Japanese Production Staff

Executive ProducerFujita Junji
Planning ProducerSuzuki Toshimichi
SupervisionAramaki Shinji
Production DesignAramaki Shinji
Character DesignsSonoda Ken’ichi
Animation DirectorsTanaka Masahiro
Okuda Jun
Audio DirectorMatsuura Noriyoshi
Director of PhotographyKonishi Kazuhiro
Art DirectorArai Kazuhiro
MusicMakaino Kōji
WritingArii Emu
Griffon Concept DesignYokoyama Kow
DirectedHayashi Hiroki
Music ProducerFujita Junji

Japanese Voice Actors

English Voice Actors