Satō Hiroki
佐藤 裕紀
Satō Hiroki
Gender: Male
Born: 1964
Occupation: Animation producer


Satō Hiroki got his start at DAICON Films and continued at General Products' store located in Tōkyō. When General Products was merged with Gainax in 1990, he was assigned as the public relations manager during the Neon Genesis Evangelion boom. While at Gainax, he also served as the animation producer for His and Her Circumstances, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi and Diebuster. More currently, he has been involved with several studios, drawing in-between animation for productions like A Certain Magical Index and the second seasons of The Familiar of Zero and Hayate the Combat Butler.

He was featured as “Satō Hiroshi” in one of the Portrait of an Otaku segments in Zoku Otaku no Video 1985.