Urushibara Satoshi

General Art Director - Part 1

Mr. Urushibara got his start at Toei Animation in '84. He became a freelancer in ‘85, and five years later he presented the original work Legend of Lemnear in collaboration with director Yoshimoto Kinji. Subsequently he was active as Anime director for many titles, and in ’90 he also began to work as a manga artist. He is also known as a game character designer.

The attraction of BGC was an interesting dimension, in which its colors would change in an omnibus sort of way as each creator worked on it.

I had just gotten involved in AIC, so this was just after we made Legend of Lemnear. I had special feeling about BGC because I worked on 1 and 6 as a part-time animator. So, I wanted to be fully involved into do it right - my way. The 7th of the series is kind of an oddball in the entire storyline, it was more like a bridge to the next episode. I was not good at doing things in the conventional manner, so I wanted to set it apart from other AlC’s titles.

When Takayama~san was selected to be the animation director and director, they showed me the storyboard he made. It was truly interesting, and it was really an educational experience for me. I sensed that colors came out in it that were hitherto unseen in Bubble, so I thought that I wanted to help polish the story.

However, Takayama-san resigned in the middle of the project, practically, we did not have an director, which made for a very difficult situation. Furthermore, we were not informed about his departure and kept on working. We could not reflect the essence of storyboard into animation. So to be honest, I felt “I want to do it over again with that storyboard.” We did what we could on the production side.

The influence of Takayama-san’s storyboards impact my work even now, and so I have no regrets about my role in the creation of BGC. For better or for worse, it was a typically OVA title. There’s no work today which is as unbalanced as BGC, in a good sense. It's a work with strong amateurism. I had a great time being involved in it. I think that the attraction of BGC was the fact its colors would change depending on the leaders who lead the team.

I think that it all boils down to the fact that so many young people got their start with this title. In that sense, its colors are those of unpolished gems. The fifth one that Oobari-san did was rough-hewn but I think it was an amazing story, and I think that in the eighth one, Gooda-san’s execution was very finely cut.

As a result, I myself learned a lot, and subsequently my own colors began to change. In that sense, maybe those who see it for the first time will see the work with fresh eyes. I think that viewers will find them interesting, because they will see the roots of the staff after having seen their leaves.