Bubblegum Crisis 7 - Double Vision

Original Japanese Synopsis

March 26, 2033. Yamada, a GENOM executive, successfully concludes contract negotiations with the Gulf & Bradley Corporation, of Houston, Texas, to jointly create a new type of Boomer. Shortly thereafter, a large, crablike mecha kills all the signatories to the contract, save one: Dr. Richard McLaren, intended head of the project.

June 8, 2033: Vision, a popular and mysterious American rock star, comes out of a self-imposed year-long retirement to start a new world tour, kicking off in MegaTokyo. Watching Vision's press conference, Linna has an unsettling feeling of Deja Vu.

June 9: In a darkened waterfront warehouse, a team of men led by Kou prepare the GD-42, the same mecha that attacked Gulf & Bradley in March, for a midnight run. Elsewhere, Vision – known to Kou and his men as Reika – watches a videodisc letter from her little sister, who tells of her impending wedding. This good news does not make Vision very happy, though.

Later that evening, as Dr. McLaren is checking the new Boomer's progress, Reika and Kou attack the GENOM lab, but are forced to retreat when Reika refuses to kill a worker who gets in their way.

June 10: A panicky McLaren tells Quincy that the mecha which attacked the night before is the same one which attacked Gulf & Bradley in March. When McLaren tries to leave, Quincy insists that he remain until the testing is complete. He also speculates on who might be behind both attacks…

Meanwhile, AD Police are investigating the crime scene, despite resistance from the “victims” of the attack. Leon suspects the stonewalling is an attempt to conceal a new type of Boomer.

That evening, Sylia meets Fargo at an amusement park, and takes on the job of bodyguarding Dr. McLaren, despite personal misgivings. (As an aside, the reference to “Harry Lime” proves that http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0840697/|Suzuki Toshimichi is a fan of Graham Greene's “The Third Man.”)

June 11: After getting a gutful from Leon over being told to drop the investigation. the Chief puts him and Daley on paid leave, telling them “officially” not to engage in any work… And a co-worker of Nene's brings her a present (she was the girl being interviewed as she stood in line to buy Vision tickets).

June 12: Leon and Daley check out a new GENOM artificial island in Tokyo Bay, and catch Quincy himself on an inspection tour. Afterwards, they head for the St. Regis Hotel, where McLaren is taking his R&R, under the watchful eyes of the Knight Sabers. Daley tells Leon that the island is a combination construction and testing ground for Boomers.

Kou's men intercept McLaren's order for a call girl that night, and send him Reika, who calls herself “Irene.” While McLaren waits, Leon explains that the mystery mecha was built by the Chang Conglomerate, and that the death of Chairman Chang's son and daughter-in-law, apparently at the hands of Gulf & Bradley, would make an excellent motive for revenge – if it hadn't happened fifteen years ago…

Reika drugs McLaren, making it look like a heart attack, and her men, disguised as ambulance attendants, spirit him away. Priss pursues, only to run afoul of the GD-42. Reika, meanwhile, gives McLaren's bodyguard the slip, but fails to elude Linna, who follows her all the way to the grave of Irene Chang, who was killed the year before (in BGC 2, “Born to Kill”). One of Reika's men captures Linna just as she is about to report in.

When Linna confronts Reika with the knowledge that Reika is both Irene's older sister, and also the mysterious Vision, Reika explains that Irene's death drove her to vengeance. Having killed the Chairman of Gulf & Bradley for the death of her parents, she now intends to kill Quincy, for the death of Irene. Once she has done so, she will quit singing, and take over the leadership of Hou Bang (“Tiger Corps”), the secret society her family heads. Linna's efforts to dissuade her are to no avail.

June 13: Kou arranges a meet with Quincy the next day, to discuss the return of McLaren. Leon blackmails Nene into tracking down data relating to the case, something she was already doing for Sylia.

June 14: The day of Vision's opening concert. Priss cuts off her cast, and heads for the waterfront. There, she finds and rescues Linna. Nene has run into a brick wall trying to get information on Irene, until her friend's chance intervention literally spells out the magic word. At the same time, Quincy heads for his appointed rendezvous with Vision, but not without some insurance. Will the Knight Sabers be able to save Reika? Will Quincy finally meet his match? Can Leon and Daley shield Reika from a murder rap? Or, at the very least, can they finally be of some use, and get her to the concert on time?

Japanese Production Staff

Executive ProducerFujita Junji
Planning, Original Story and ScreenplaySuzuki Toshimichi
Storyboards and DirectionTakayama Fumihiko
Character DesignsSonoda Ken’ichi
Production DesignsYamane Kimitoshi
Yumeno Ley
Aramaki Shinji
Chief Animation Director & Guest Character DesignsUrushibara Satoshi
Animation DirectorsYoshimoto Kinji
Kajishima Masaki
Art DirectorNangō Yōichi
Director of PhotographyKonishi Kazuhiro
MusicMakaino Kōji
Music ProducerFujita Junji
ProducerTazaki Hiroshi

Japanese Voice Actors

English Voice Actors