* Incept Date: 2032

* Retirement Date(s): 2033/2034

Spoilers & Trivia

* Largo is apparently the result of downloading the consciousness of Mason into an advanced Boomer. Or at least, Sylia thinks this to be the case.

* In the dubbed adaptation, AnimEigo made changes to the dialogue to clean up plot holes, as well as to give more concrete clues about the relationship between Largo and Mason. The intent was that everything would become clear with Sylia Stingray's final line.1)

* Largo is AnimEigo CEO's favorite character, and appears on his business card.

* Appears in Moonlight Rambler and Red Eyes.


Many people have asked us how AnimEigo goes about translating character names from Japanese to English.

One big problem is that Japanese has no 'L' sound in it, so, for example, the evil Largo from Episodes 5 & 6 actually has his name spelt Rarugo in Japanese. This can be romanized as Ralgo, Largo, Rargo or Lalgo. Which is it?

We start by looking in the videos and other materials available to us, trying to find existing romanizations. When all else fails, we go and ask the creators themselves.

Alas, when we called Suzuki Toshimichi to settle the Largo debate, his answer was “I have no idea.” So we asked him for his preference. The answer came back: “Largo.”

Finally, we would like to mention the problem of translating English words used in the dialogue. As much as possible, we try and leave the word unchanged, so if you hear it, you see it too. Unfortunately, the meanings of English words can differ slightly when used in Japanese, so on rare occasions we have to make substitutions. Nene's dialogue when she's fighting the Boomer that has infiltrated AD Police's computer is an example of this.