Secrets of the Manga

In right-to-left reading order, references in the Otaking Edition manga include:

Page 1

Panel outside

Comiket 24 was held August 7, 1983 at the Tōkyō International Trade Fairgrounds convention center in Harumi, Tōkyō. The buildings were demolished in 1996 and replaced with Tōkyō Big Sight.

Panel 3

Comiket 24 guidebook:

Left Page

(??) (?) Lupin III (?)

Right Page

(??) (?)
(??) (?) Golgo 13 (?) (?) Lupin III
(?) (?) Lum Invader (?) Miime
(?) Asakura Minami (?) (?) (?)
(?) Lynn Minmei (?) (?) (??)

Page 2

Panel 5

The reporter is depicted as a "foreigner" stereotype, with light-colored hair, blue eyes, square jaw and a big nose.

Panel 6

Page 3

Page 4

Panel 4

Comiket 88 was held during August 14-16, 2015 at the Tōkyō Big Sight. To commemorate the 88th Comic Market, Area 88 author Shintani Kaoru offered to draw the cover illustration for the event guidebook.

Area 88 is a military manga by Shintani Kaoru. The manga tells the story of Kazama Shin, an airliner pilot who is tricked signing up as a mercenary for a secret air base located in the Middle East. The rules at the Area 88 base are ruthless: “Kill or be Killed”.