Sylia Stingray

* Age: 23

* Height: 179cm

* Daughter of Dr. Katushiro Stingray, creator of the Boomer technology.

* Leader of the Knight Sabers, a Paramilitary Vigilante Mercenary group which Sylia uses to further her crusade against GENOM.

* In 2022 her father was assassinated by Brian J. Mason. Some time later she received a package from him. This broadcasted her fathers research into her mind (Both Sylia and Mackie Stingray have been augmented by Boomer Technology giving them advanced intellect and information processing ability).

* Spent the next 8 years developing the Hardsuits her group would use.

* Origin of the name 'Knight Sabers' is unknown.

* In 2030 She set out to recruit the various members of the Knight Sabers, as depicted in the Music Video Asu e Touchdown (Touchdown to Tomorrow). Priss was intercepted when she was on her way to get revenge for the murder of her lover, Nene was recruited using a hacking honeypot, and Linna was recruited after failing in a dance/aerobics competition.