Bubblegum Crisis 8 - Scoop Chase

Original Japanese Synopsis

As the year A.D. 2033 draws to a close, for once the Knight Sabers seem to have things well in hand; only a few rogue Boomers here and there, all easily destroyed. But, as usual, it's too good to last. It starts out innocently enough, when Priss catches a girl photographing her in action, and trashes her camera.

But it soon develops that that girl is no less than the niece of Nene's boss. The bad news is that the irrepressible Lisa is going to be hanging around AD Police over her Winter Break from high school. The worse news is that poor Nene is given the job of keeping an eye on her, and helping her get a big scoop. But the worst news of all is Lisa's intended exclusive: exposing the true identities of the Knight Sabers! Lisa was not at all amused when Priss stomped on her precious camera, a gift from her father, a famous press photographer. When Nene learns what Lisa has in mind, she nearly has a stroke! Lisa's presence causes the Knight Sabers further annoyance when she unwittingly forces Nene to give Priss a speeding ticket.

Meanwhile, Dr. Miriam Yoshida, the genius who has brought his employer, Ebisu Corporation, into the first rank of GENOM's wholly-owned subsidiaries, harbors much bigger ambitions. Taking over Genom itself, for example. When the Knight Sabers unknowingly confront the next stage in Miriam's plan (forcing Nene to give Lisa the slip for the first of many times), Lisa hitches a ride with Daley to the fight scene, hoping to get a scoop. A split-second opportunity provides her with evidence that Nene is a Knight Saber, and she wastes no time in turning up the heat on the hapless redhead.

As the week progresses, Miriam collects further data on the Knight Sabers that will enable him to create Boomers superior to their Hardsuits. Sylia gets a report from Fargo concerning the recent string of battles they've had (while fending off his advances at a drive-in; also, note who is the star of the movie), which suggests that the attacks are all the work of a single, mysterious individual, and not GENOM itself. And between work, getting beaten up by Boomers, and keeping Lisa at bay, poor Nene seems to be headed for a nervous breakdown.

Her fellow Knight Sabers aren't very supportive either. With Lisa in hot pursuit, she heads for a session at their training center (hidden at Raven's Garage). Alas, her overall performance is down, and she's putting on weight as well, which makes her the butt of some nasty jokes by Priss and Linna. Nene drowns her sorrows with a slice of cake, an inauspicious start to her new diet.

Finally, Miriam decides that he's ready to make his move, and chooses a target he feels certain to bring the Knight Sabers running: AD Police HQ. By sheer coincidence, he also chooses Lisa's last day in the building to strike. After one of his Boomers takes over AD Police's main computer, it turns the building into a gigantic killing machine and traps the remaining occupants – including Nene and Lisa. Will the Knight Sabers arrive in time to save them? If they do, how will they fare against Miriam's Boomers, specially built to outfight their Hardsuits? And will Leon and Daley be able to nab Miriam before he blows the AD Police Building, and the Knight Sabers, to smithereens?

Japanese Production Staff

Executive ProducerFujita Junji
Planning & Original StorySuzuki Toshimichi
Direction & Story OutlineGōda Hiroaki
Matsubara Hidenori
StoryboardsGōda Hiroaki
Character DesignsSonoda Ken’ichi
Production DesignsAramaki Shinji
Yamane Kimitoshi
Yumeno Ley
Sonoda Ken’ichi
Animation DirectorsMatsubara HIdenori
Kishida Ryūkō
Art DirectorHiraki Norihiro
Director of PhotographyKonishi Kazuhiro
MusicMakaino Kōji
Audio DirectorMatsura Noriyoshi
ProducersTazaki Hiroshi
Koizumi Satoshi

Japanese Voice Actors

English Voice Actors


About 13 minutes into the episode, Lisa looks at the AD Police shift staff rolls. The list contains a number of prominent American artists (and one comic character!). The list of notable figures is as follows:

  • Jose Gonzalez: Artist best known for his work on Vampirella
  • Andy Wolf: Terry Toons character
  • Archie Goodwin: Chief Writer & Editor for Creepy and Eerie, helped Marvel set up Epic Comics Group
  • Frank Frazetta: Influential comic artist & painter. Artist on many comics, including Buck Rogers, Vampirella, & Conan The Barbarian
  • Berni Wrightson: Co-creator of Swamp Thing, prolific horror comics artist
  • Richard Corben: Influential comic artist, best known for contributions to Heavy Metal magazine
  • Bob Fosse: Actor, dancer, musical theatre choreographer, director, screenwriter, film editor & film director. Winner of nine Tony Awards, nominated for four Academy Awards for his adaptation of Cabaret.