Murahama Shōji
村濱 章司
Murahama Shōji
Gender: Male
Born: June 25, 1964
Occupation: LMD president, anime producer


Murahama Shōji, a veteran animation producer, was involved in the making of Otaku no Video. During his time at Gainax, he also worked on Aim for the Top! Gunbuster and was a producer on Honō no Tenkōsei (Blazing Transfer Student). In September 1992, he founded Gonzo together with other former Gainax staff. While at Gonzo, Blue Submarine No.6 and Vandread were among the shows he worked as the executive producer. Murahama left Gonzo in 2009 to found LMD.

He was featured as “Murayama Akira” in one of the Portrait of an Otaku segments in Zoku Otaku no Video 1985.