Bubblegum Crisis 6 - Red Eyes

Original Japanese Synopsis

Have the Knight Sabers gone bad? The attack they launch on a GENOM warehouse certainly makes it look that way. But wait: the voice emanating from “Nene's” suit is that of Anri, the sole surviving 33-S Boomer (from “Moonlight Rambler”)! And as if that weren't unusual enough, she is communicating with the mysterious Largo, who, for reasons yet unknown, holds a serious grudge against the Knight Sabers.

Leon isn't sleeping well. He dreams of his lopsided defeat by the D.D., of the Knight Sabers saving him and MegaTokyo from nuclear destruction… and of a distressingly familiar face sitting atop one of those hardsuits. A call from Daley brings him back from that nightmare, only to plunge him into another one: the Knight Sabers are on a rampage.

Meanwhile, GENOM's Executive Board is bickering amongst themselves about what the Knight Sabers have stolen, and why. It is also revealed that Flint, head of GPC, got the axe in the wake of the D.D. incident. Bauer, Chief of Security, is now man on the spot. A call from Quincy, demanding to know what progress the Board has made, saves him for the moment. After hearing their report, he assigns Kate Madigan, a new executive officer, the task of finding and plugging leaks in the company.

Recent events have not escaped the notice of the real Knight Sabers. A challenge to them to face their imposters, disguised as an advance billing of their next attack, makes Nene in particular see red. But even she stops dead in her tracks when Priss announces she's quitting the Knight Sabers. Sylia, recognizing that Priss feels guilty about Sylvie's death, is nevertheless determined to try to change her mind.

Kate Madigan is convinced that Quincy must be out of his mind to give her what amounts to a pest-control job. At the same time, Anri, the pest in question, is giving Largo information on the activities of Defense Minister Callahan, one of GENOM's pet politicians. After reminding his imitation “Knight Sabers” to destroy the real McCoys, he tells an overjoyed Anri that she will finally have revenge for the death of Sylvie.

At Tinsel City Bank, AD Police wait nervously for the “Knight Sabers,” who arrive in spectacular fashion. But the imitations are also waiting anxiously, hoping that the real Knight Sabers will answer their challenge. Meanwhile, Sylia pays a personal call on Priss, and tries to convince her that Sylvie's death wasn't her fault. Nene calls, saying that the imposters have shown up on schedule, and that AD Police is fighting them. With a last word of encouragement, Sylia takes off to lead the Knight Sabers into battle.

Things are going badly as usual for AD Police when the real Knight Sabers show up, settling the question of which side they're on once and for all. As Leon settles back to watch the makings of a good show, Daley interrupts to tell him that someone has kidnapped Callahan. Grudgingly, Leon leaves the Knight Sabers to pursue Callahan's abductors, Largo and Anri, who are taking him to GENOM Tower, in order that Largo may give Quincy his demands in person.

As fate would have it, Priss happens to see Anri driving the getaway car. Wondering what's going on, she decides to follow Anri, and the mysterious man with her.

Kate Madigan has narrowed her investigation to just one person: Anri, who had infiltrated GENOM under the name of Milly Jackson. No sooner does she make this discovery, than a Boomer in pursuit of Callahan's abductors calls to say that he's found them. Madigan tells him to destroy the car, including the Defense Minister, to keep him from spilling GENOM secrets. But a bolt from the blue dispels that notion at once, surprising both Kate and Leon. Largo then uses the Boomer's remains to tell Kate that he'll be bringing Callahan to them, and to tell Quincy that he wants the O.M.S. (Overmind Control System) in exchange.

In typical fashion, Leon tries to arrest Largo, completely unaware of what he's up against until it's too late. Leon is further dumbfounded when Largo recognizes him, but has little opportunity for reflection, first, because Largo is trying to kill him, and second, because Priss's timely arrival prevents precisely that. That same arrival also prompts Anri to remember when Priss told her about Sylvie's death, but another ray of sunshine–now clearly directed by Largo–renders the entire issue academic. As Largo and Anri speed away, Leon tells Priss, obliquely, that he knows that she is a Knight Saber, and that he cares for her.

Largo and Anri arrive at the GENOM Tower. After she is convinced that Callahan has not given away any secrets, Kate Madigan insures that he cannot do so in the future.

The Knight Sabers, meanwhile, are literally on the brink of disaster. Sylia is just about to sacrifice herself to give Nene and Linna time to escape, when Mackie comes from nowhere and rescues them. Once they are safely away, he tells them that Priss's hardsuit is missing.

Largo and Quincy finally meet face-to-face. When Quincy asks why Largo wants OMS, Largo replies that he wants to lead the cyberdroids to a better place, where they can take their rightful place as a new lifeform. Quincy tries to buy Largo off, but Largo demonstrates the power behind his words: he commands the orbital laser satellites to destroy GENOM Towers around the world. Even so, Largo learns to his chagrin that Quincy is not what he seems to be.

As Largo and Anri are about to leave, Priss makes her entrance, telling Anri that she's come to save her. To Anri's amazement, Largo explains that Priss is one of the Knight Sabers, and that she killed Sylvie. How will Anri react? Has Priss at last bitten off more than she can chew? Will the Knight Sabers arrive in time? And just who or what is Largo, anyway?

Japanese Production Staff

Executive ProducerFujita Junji
Planning, Original Story and ScreenplaySuzuki Toshimichi
Direction & StoryboardsŌbari Masami
Character DesignsSonoda Ken’ichi
Guest Character DesignsGōda Hiroaki
Production DesignsAramaki Shinji
Yamane Kimitoshi
Animation DirectorsGōda Hiroaki
Matsubara Hidenori
Ōbari Masami
Art DirectorIkeda Shigemi
Director of PhotographyTakahashi Akihiko
Audio DirectorMatsuura Noriyoshi
MusicMakaino Kōji
Music ProducerFujita Junji
ProducerTazaki Hiroshi

Japanese Voice Actors

English Voice Actors