Bubblegum Crisis 5 - Moonlight Rambler

Original Japanese Synopsis

It is the year 2033 A.D., and floating in the sky, 320 km above MegaTokyo, is the artificial space island, Genaros. Four young women have stolen a patrol car, and are using it to flee down one of Genaros's linear highways. Together with one other compatriot, they plan to flee to the Earth, where freedom awaits. Three of the women sacrifice their lives so that the remaining two, Sylvie and Anri, are able to launch a shuttle and head for Earth. But thanks to a pursuing “Doberman”, a Boomer designed for space combat, the shuttle is damaged and it crash-lands near MegaTokyo.

AD Police dispatches Leon and Daley to the scene, but SDPC (the Space Development Corporation), owner of Genaros and the shuttle, turns up the heat. Flint, head of GPCC (the GENOM Corporate Research Center), and his right-hand man, the mysterious Largo, pull strings behind the scenes. They are the ringleaders: using their influence over Kaufman, head of SDPC, they are using the supranational space islands to build high-tech weapons, which they plan to sell to the Eastern Bloc. In fact, the brand- new “D.D.” Battlemover was stowed aboard the very shuttle in which Sylvie and Anri made their escape…

Leon's partner, Daley, certain that there is more to all of this than meets the eye, takes off alone for Genaros. Meanwhile, reports of a killer attacking women and draining the blood from their bodies has become the hot topic of conversation in MegaTokyo. After hearing the coroner's report, Leon suspects that these killings might be the work of an old type of Boomer, whose blood circulation system has broken down. Priss meets Nene and Linna after her set at 'Hot Legs,' and introduces them to her new biking buddy, Sylvie. Kaufman, fearing that GENOM will uncover his involvement, hires the Knight Sabers to recover the D.D. Sylia meets Fargo, the Knight Sabers' go-between, and accepts the commission. After learning of Leon's suspicions, she deduces that the escapees are 33-S “Sexaroid” Boomers.

Priss, unaware of all this, goes touring with Sylvie. Sylvie spots the GPCC Building, which may hold a datadisc that contains crucial information about the artificial blood used in the 33-S series. To save Anri, who was wounded in the escape from Genaros, Sylvie breaks into GPCC. At the same time, Daley briefs Leon about the D.D. superweapon and its “J-1” control system. Ignoring orders, Leon goes out on patrol with a new K-12 suit.

Wounded, and with Boomer guards in hot pursuit, Sylvie finally activates the D.D. , which easily reduces the Boomers to scrap. Leon dons his K-12 and confronts her, but before he can do anything, she passes out, the J-1 takes over , and the D.D. begins an ominous transformation! Without an operator in control, the J-1 will cause a micro-nuclear explosion when it runs out of power. Does Leon stand a chance against the D.D.? Will the Knight Sabers arrive in time? And what will be the fate of Sylvie, and of her dreams of freedom?

Japanese Production Staff

Executive ProducerFujita Junji
Planning, Original Story and ScreenplaySuzuki Toshimichi
SupervisionAramaki Shinji
Direction / StoryboardsŌbari Masami
Character DesignsSonoda Ken’ichi
Production DesignsYumeno Ley
Animation DirectorsGōda Hiroaki
Ōbari Masami
Guest Character DesignsGōda Hiroaki
D. D. DesignŌbari Masami
Art DirectorArai Kazuhiro
Director of PhotographyTakahashi Akihiko
Audio DirectorMatsuura Noriyoshi
MusicMakaino Kōji
Music ProducerFujita Junji
ProducersTakazi Hiroshi
Aoki Takeshi
Chief SupervisorAkiyama Katsuhito

Japanese Voice Actors

English Voice Actors