Priscilla S. Asagiri

The hotheaded loner of the Knight Sabers, she is universally called Priss. Her name is a direct reference to the Priss charecter from the film Blade Runner.

* Age: 20 (in 2032)

* Height: 168 cm.

* Lost her parents in the 2nd Great Kanto Quake when she was 12.

* Joined a Motorcycle gang and became a small-time singer when she was 17

* After the gang's leader was murdered, interference from a “Certain Organization” caused the police to drop the case. Priss was intercepted on the way to exact revenge by a strange woman in a red Benz – Sylia Stingray – and recruited into the Knight Sabers.

* Her last name means 'Morning Mist'.

* Her band is called 'Priss and the Replicants'; this along with her outfit on stage in the first episode of the OVA series are direct callbacks to Blade Runner.