Color guide for painting the Misty May Minifigure

Courtesy of Bryan Steele

Prime Grey

Tights: Purple Basecoat, Highlight Pink/Violet, Shade with Blue Violet

Flesh: Basic Skin Tone, Sepia Wash, Rosy Highlight

Hair: Reddish Pink Basecoat, Squid Pink Highlight

Wand: Brassy Gold Basecoat, Earthshade Ink

Shoes/Leotard/Ears: Brilliant Red Basecoat, Scarlet Red Highlight, Flat Red Touch Ups

Gloves/Bottoms of Shoes: Black Basecoat, German Grey Highlight

Arm Ribbons: Marigold Basecoat, Amarillo Highlight

Shirt/Tail/Inside of Ears: Light Grey Basecoat, White Heavy Highlight

Eyes: Mahogany Brown Sockets, White Sclera, Dark Prussia Blue Iris, Crystal Blue Highlight Iris, Black Pupil, Speck of White to Shine, Mahogany Brown Eyeline