The Secret of SMOO

Otaking Edition Secret Master of Otakudom-level backers received, as a bonus, a personalized on-disc Certificate of Otakunization

SMOO backers use the 8-character kana SMOO code they received via email to access their certificate, as follows:

  • Bring up the disc menu.
  • Navigate to the Heart in the center of the menu, press ENTER. The letters おーたーくーのービーデーオ (O-TA-KU-NO-BI-DE-O in Japanese) will appear above the heart.
  • Press UP to enter the menu of letters, press RIGHT/LEFT to move between them. The currently selected letter turns black
  • Move to each letter in the code in turn and press ENTER. When you move to the next letter in your code, you will notice that the previous letter has become pink; this is to help you keep track of what you've entered.
  • When you have entered all 8 letters, press DOWN to return to the Heart, and press ENTER to access your certificate!
    • Don't be tricked by the initial failure display. This is a security measure to make it harder for the unworthy masses to brute-force your code. After a few seconds of seeming failure, you will get the success message and be shown your certificate.
    • We have one report of a player (Panasonic DMP-BD30) that displays the correct certificate and then skips to the next certificate and displays it. However, if you bring up the menu again and repeat entering the code, things will work correctly. We think it's a caching problem where the player doesn't have enough time to figure out it needs to pause.
    • If you bought a SMOO edition after the disc was replicated, you'll get a listing of all the SMOOs.

Here is a video of a SMOO code being entered:

Incorrect SMOO Codes

Entering an incorrect code will display a failure message, but then show you an additional bonus item. Each incorrect code always displays the same bonus, and some of the bonus materials are rarer than others.

You are invited to find codes that display particular bonus items and share them with your fellow otaku.